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Fresco Design is a collaborative design team started by Gustavo Fontana and Danielle Shaheen. Our nimble, global team of world-class senior designers brings solid industry experience and the highest level of skill and expertise.

Our team is focused on what we do best, and made stronger by partnerships with equally talented teams of engineering firms, software developers, interaction designers, and materials and processes experts.


Co-Founder / Creative Director

Design consultant merging Industrial Design expertise with UX front end design. 20 years experience working with leading design firms, teams, and companies in U.S., Europe, South America, China, and Japan. 10+ years in corporate management as founder and leader of the Bose Advanced Concept studio from 2007 to 2017.

3D surfacing and visualization guru and lecturer (3D tool scripting, computational design, development for vendors). 

Love for world travel, motorcycling, and food. A U.S., Argentinian, and Italian citizen raised in Argentina and Spain, and living in Boston since 2000. 



Co-founder / Business Manager

Bringing order to the creative process. Market and consumer research. Focused on client satisfaction, project management, and new business efforts and partnerships.

Passionate about human-centered design, and empathy and connection in mundane objects and technologies.

Love for pattern design and textiles, open water swimming and herbalism.