Empowered by visualization 

Our visualization-centered product design approach combines strategic innovation, industrial design execution & digital experiences to create products that stand out.


With tools like disposable geometry, sub-d geometries, rigging, & virtual human models, we test real-world variables & performance constraints without the guesswork. 

Our design process

Immersion & discovery

Making ideas tangible

Design execution

Design refinement

Market assets

  • Strategic differentiation

  • Product & market analysis

  • User research

  • Use-case scenarios 

  • Design insights

  • Idea generation

  • Concept exploration

  • Rapid prototyping

  • Product vision

  • 3D concept iteration

  • Rapid visualization

  • Class-A surfacing

  • UX/UI

  • Virtual ergonomics

  • Computational design

  • C# programming

  • Looks-like prototyping

  • CMF strategy

  • Visual branding​

  • Design validations

  • Documentation

  • AR/VR experience​

  • 3D eCommerce

  • Unreal development & interface design

  • Packaging/out-of-box 

  • Illustration/animation

  • PLM to visual assets

Design for complexity & ergonomics

A digitally transformed design process that is flexible & iterative allows us to approach complex design challenges with precision & efficiency.

3D pipeline strategy

3D strategy should be part of early planning for any product launch, but it is often a last step. Creating assets for a 3D pipeline from the start helps our clients expand their engineering PLM data to stunning visual assets for product launches and marketing campaigns.

Benefits of 3D planning:

  • From complex engineering PLM to 3D artist-friendly formats

  • Virtual photo studio & AR/VR ready assets

  • Early planning with updatable 3D assets