Design-driven code.

Our expertise in class-A surfacing, subD modeling, and parametric modeling is combined to create flexible solutions that achieve true differentiation.


Build a single 3D model. Or build a workflow that builds many 3D models.

Working with design teams from execution on a single project, to completely transforming their entire 3D pipeline.

Computational Design services

  • 3D modeling / topology review / optimization

  • Computational programming

  • Performance-driven inputs

  • Designer-friendly computational control interfaces

  • Bridging PLM and visualization pipelines

  • On-site training for design teams

fast-track from designer’s curves to tooling-ready geometry:

Performance-driven & visually flowing technical texturing:

Designer-DRIVEN additive manufacturing approach:

Iterative Design concepts from simple 2d & 3D curve inputs:

retopology & optimization for digital pipelines