Non-partisan and open-minded.

Combining observation, user research, and hands-on prototyping to create solutions that are new to a market, and in some cases, new to the world. 


Pragmatic dreamers.

Helping companies embrace new behaviors and opportunities, while looking beyond short-term noise and hype. 

Front-end creation Services: 

  • Strategic vision & goals alignment

  • Design & user research

  • Market trends & competitive analysis

  • Exploratory prototyping and story-telling in use-case scenarios

  • Development of sustainable advantages and IP portfolio

Obsessive about design quality.  

Delivering results driven by an excellence that is approachable to our clients, their end customers, and their manufacturing partners. 


World-class senior talent.

Using the best tools and practices for each task at hand. We are experts in design for manufacturing,  new materials and processes, and advanced 3D surfacing and generative geometry. 

Industrial Design Services: 

  • Rapid visualization brainstorming and 2D sketching

  • Visual brand language adherence or creation

  • CMF (Color Material Finishes) strategy development

  • 3D form development for prototyping and manufacturing

  • Tooling-ready Class-A surfacing

  • SubD modeling

  • Generative 3D detailing and patterns in Grasshopper3D

  • Models and prototypes building and liaison

3D sketchers.

Exploring design solutions with fast and iterative 3D modeling, rigging, and animation tools.


Virtual photographers.

Visualizing for our clients, their end customers, and their manufacturing partners; complex assemblies, geometries, and new materials. We create a future reality not limited by simplistic mechanical design tools.  

Visualization Services: 

  • Blended environment of solid modeling, 3D surfacing, and subdivision/polygonal meshes

  • Products and platforms, packaging and out-of-box, documentation

  • Illustrations, and ergonomic studies

  • Development of 3D pipeline strategy

  • 3D asset preparation and rendering for print, web, video, and AR/VR

  • 3D asset management – bridging the gap between Engineering PLM and Marketing Communications