High craft models & prototypes

Appearance Models  -  'Looks Like'  

If you need a model that looks and feels like the finished product, our master modelmakers take a high craft approach including precision parts assembly, tight tolerances, pre-finishing, custom painting, graphics application, softgoods, multi-material, CNC, and SLA. 

Working Prototypes  -  'Works Like' 

Whether you need 1 unit or 30 units, we can produce working prototypes that are built for user testing, internal reviews, funding goals, etc. Our detailed part design will transform your technology and components into a useable prototype product with machined parts and electronic and mechanical integration. 

Processes & Capabilities include

  • SLA/FDM 3D printing

  • 3D scanning

  • CNC machining (urethane foam/modulan, Renshape, ABS, aluminum)

  • Woodwork fabrication

  • Softgoods

  • Paint & surface finishing

  • Laser cutting

  • Electronic & mechanical integration

  • Multimaterial prototyping

  • CAD rework & detailing