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We design, develop & deploy VR/XR experiences. 

For customer engagement, training, B2B, industrial design & prototyping.

VR/XR Story Development Fresco Design

Story Development

VR/XR Story Development Fresco Design

Translate your product into VR/XR experiences. We begin with story creation - sketches, wireframes, defining unique visual & technical elements. 

VR/XR Experience Design

Experience Design

VR/XR Story Development Fresco Design

Your VR/XR story comes to life in the experience design. Integrate abstract elements, life-like scenes, animations, light effects, video overlays, etc.

VR/XR Asset Creation Fresco Design

Asset Creation

VR/XR Asset Creation Fresco Design

We craft high-quality, responsive 3D assets combining imported, optimized CAD, photo references, &/or 3D scanned references as a starting point for retopology.

VR/XR Programming


VR/XR Programming Fresco Design

We go beyond platforms' native capabilities & program unique experiences such as:


Sound effects

Touch interactions

Dynamic particle systems

VR/XR Tradeshow Design Fresco Design

Event Design & Build


Your VR/XR trade show/events should be inviting for users, considering user needs, space requirements, cleanability, & hardware storage & cooling. We design & build these for you. 

VR/XR Hardware Managment Fresco Design

Hardware Mangament

VR/XR Hardware Management Fresco Design

We support all hardware selection, testing, & troubleshooting, handle logistics, setup, & documentation & training for deployment. 

VR/XR platforms we design for:

  • Varjo

  • Unreal Engine

  • Unity

What is the difference between VR & XR? 

VR (Virtual Reality) is a completely virtual environment experience where the customer sees what is projected within their headset. Hand controllers are used to interact with the virtual world. 

XR (Extended Reality or Mixed Reality) is a real-world environment with superimposed, interactive digital objects with which the customer can manipulate and interact. This platform uses “hand tracking” and does not require controls. 

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