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Virtual assets, tangible value

Formlabs approached Fresco to create a versatile digital twin library of their 3D printers. These visual assets could be used in virtual photoshoots, replacing the need for traditional photography.

the client

Formlabs is a 3D printing technology developer and manufacturer.

services delivered

Immersive Commerce

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With virtual photography, nothing is static, and digital twins are an open-ended tool offering the versatility to extend the life of the photoshoot. As needs change, a product can be revised, updated, new interactions can be added, and scenes can be edited to reflect new brand and company goals.


Creating the digital twins

Using CAD data and physical product samples, we created high fidelity digital twins of the Formlabs product line. Every 3D asset was optimized to include all materials, textures, colors and finishes.

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Staging products in context

Staging the product line was a collaboration that brought Formlabs creative vision to life. The flexibility offered by virtual photography allowed us to incorporate feedback on the look and feel, and make adjustments to the overall composition with ease.

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Capturing the hero shots

Working with the Formlabs creative team, we curated a series of virtual product shoots to capture the printers, inside and out.

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Formlabs case study image content closed Fuse1
Formlabs case study image content Fuse1


We rethought this virtual photography scene to create a new story, and add another level of engagement.

https://d3rh51twdzlilx.cloudfront.net/3d_files/fresco_redesign/assets/webp_240124/services/industrial_design/desktop/mroo5_plain_colors_transparent_edit_nm_220902_LOW.webpcontent image
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