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Engineering cool – sustainable AC design

The aim of this project was to transform Transaera’s breakthrough cooling technology into an appealing, home friendly portable AC product. Transaera’s vision extended beyond functionality, they aspired to create an aesthetically pleasing appliance that homeowners would proudly showcase, enhancing the ambiance and overall comfort of their living spaces.

Technology that lowers greenhouse emissions and your energy bill

Transaera is revolutionizing air conditioners with advanced materials that remove moisture from the air before cooling it. Then they use the heat generated by the air conditioner – instead of wasting it – to dry the material for the next cycle. The process uses less electricity, resulting in significant energy savings and reduced greenhouse gas emissions.

Advanced materials unlock new possibilities in air conditioning

Material properties such as high moisture removal capacity enable high performance dehumidification without generating water condensation. And low temperature regeneration allows the use of waste heat to dry the material resulting in novel AC designs that can be cost effective AND highly efficient.

Transaera’s proprietary material formulations and heat exchangers can be designed into any air conditioning system — from the smallest automotive systems to the largest commercial roof-top systems — to deliver unprecedented comfort and savings.

Equifit prototypes

Reimagining a household product

Inspired by Transaera’s brand, Fresco transformed the typical portable AC—often clad in white plastic with obstructive window hoses—into a harmonious blend of technology, functionality, and home décor. Our rapid concept exploration focused on materials, aesthetics, and designing for common window sizes and styles.

Transaera sketches

This phase of the design was crucial: it ensured the product's dimensions and duct design were optimized so that the hose was not visible and the window view and natural light were preserved, thereby enhancing the living environment without compromise.

Transaera sketches
Transaera sketches

Engineering innovation

Fresco’s design and engineering team collaborated with Transaera’s engineering team closely on this effort. Together, we found solutions for design for manufacturing and ease of assembly in innovative air chambers with moving parts, stringent air sealing, and vibration isolation requirements. 

Transaera transparent AC

Proving a path to manufacturing

Beyond creating a visually and functionally accurate prototype, Fresco’s goal was to prove a clear path to production for Transaera. This was essential to validate manufacturability, forecast costs, and generate excitement and investment, pushing Transaera's product into its next phase of development. 

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Looks-like, works-like prototype

Our prototyping process was both efficient and effective, resulting in a prototype that not only looked like the final product, but also functioned as intended for testing, engineering refinement, and stakeholder presentations.

We explored assembly techniques and heat/moisture-resistant materials to ensure cost efficiency. To achieve a wood-like finish, we utilized hydro-dipping methods.

Concepts in context with 3D viz

To better understand how the designs would fit into various home settings, we created 3D apartment environments for in-context product visualization. These virtual photographs helped facilitate user research, gathering feedback on CMF (color, material, and finish) options, product orientation, and features.

Transaera viz for research mobile
https://d3rh51twdzlilx.cloudfront.net/3d_files/fresco_redesign/assets/webp_240124/services/industrial_design/desktop/mroo5_plain_colors_transparent_edit_nm_220902_LOW.webpcontent image
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