Turning customers into creators

EquiFit approached Fresco to replace an outdated 2D configurator for CustomLab, their made-to-order product line. We designed an immersive 3D configurator to captivate customers with stunning, realtime 3D product previews showing the numerous leather, hardware, and personalization options.

the client

EquiFit designs and manufactures technologically advanced products for top riders and horses throughout the world.

services delivered

Design Strategy / Immersive Commerce / Digital Design

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"Fresco is personable, attentive, and overall amazing to work with! They always provide high-quality work with quick turnarounds. They are small enough that you get first-class service, yet big enough to get complex jobs done – like the fantastic 3D product customizer they designed, built, and maintain for our eCommerce store."

Consumer Reviews

Envisioning UX/UI opportunities

EquiFit’s creative team identified several key concerns. With more than 1 million+ potential combinations, the existing 2D configurator was hard for customers to navigate, complicated for EquiFit to manage, and orders were highly susceptible to mistakes.

Fresco’s design audit of five customizable products, and the backend ordering process, revealed areas for UX/UI improvements to streamline the customer experience and ordering process.

Uncomplicating the user experience

With pain points identified, we focused on two areas to increase customer enjoyment and eliminate confusion.

1. Intuitive and logical UI to simplify the overwhelming number of customization options.

2. Stunning 3D product previews given maximum digital real-estate.

Equifit prototypes

Crafting the 3D product library

To populate the configurator, we created a digital library of 3D products and assets. We 3D scanned all products, leather, material, and hardware options to create digital replicas at the highest visual quality. We worked closely with EquiFit to check that each visual asset accurately captured color, texture, reflection, and scale.

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Realtime logo & monogram feature

We designed an experience to scale, move, and preview logos and monograms in realtime. This was an exciting addition to the customer experience, and a new breakthrough in our configurator technology. Constraints were coded to ensure the creativity of the customer stayed within the bounds of what is possible in production.

Shopify integration

We integrated the 3D configurator into the back-end ordering system in Shopify, aligning with the order requirements, SKUs, and variable pricing.

Shopify logo
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