Immersive commerce brings products to life

Immersive commerce deepens the connection between your customer and your product. We design and build these interactive 3D e-commerce experiences, accessible from any device, so customers can explore products in stunning detail.

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Build emotional connection & shopper confidence

Customers embrace a personal online shopping experience where they can interact with a 3D product and see it live in AR, in their own space.


decrease in returns from 3D visualization.


of consumers prefer stores that offer AR experiences.


of millenial consumers would like to see AR/VR in their shopping apps.


higher conversion rate was shown on products having AR integration.

Data by Shopify.

Simplified & fun customization

With gorgeous product models, thoughtful UI/UX, and AR integration, we transform the complexity of product customization into a delightful process.

Why partner with Fresco for immersive commerce?

  • Strategic Consulting

    We craft immersive commerce solutions, tailored to your unique customer and business needs.

  • Turnkey Service

    We take care of the everything, from tech stack to asset management, so 3D on your e-commerce site just works.

  • Platform Independent

    You won’t be tied to one platform. We integrate with your e-commerce website via best-in-class 3D technologies.

  • High Quality 3D Assets

    Your visual assets will be gorgeous, highly realistic, and created by industrial designers with expertise in 3D visualization. image
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